Brooks v. Link, Court of Appeals No 7999-2-I (2020). Finding of physical abuse of a child reversed due to insufficient evidence; sent back to trial court for entry of a parenting plan without restrictions.

United States v. Devore, Ninth Circuit Cause No. 17-30205 (2020). Reversed 35 year enhancement of client’s felony sentence.

Sayler v.Young, Court of Appeals No. 79026-9-I (2020). Reversed trial court’s “clarification” issued one year after divorce decree which had added $124,570 more in debt to client’s divorce obligation.

In re Custody of H.L.M., Court of Appeals No. 75448-3 (2017): Successfully defended grandmother’s third party custody status.

In re: Parental Rights to B.P., 186 Wn.2d 292, 376 P.3d 350 (2016): On behalf of ACLU, amicus curiae, reversed termination of mother’s parental rights.

United States v. Gonzalez-Vazquez, 719 F.3d 1086 (2013): Reversed federal sentence because suspended sentence does not count as probation in federal court, reduced client’s sentence.

Ivaniukovich v. Ivaniukovich, No. 11-3-01543-6 (2011): Obtained 90% of all property plus maintenance for client.

Jahed v. Sabegh, Court of Appeals No. 66606-1-I (2011): Obtained dismissal of all claims by appellant husband.

Riley v. Riley, No. 10-3-03690-7 (2011): Won 100% custody of child, protection order, and all property for client.

State v. Tibbles, 169 Wn.2d 364, 236 P.3d 885 (2010): Reversed conviction, established rule that odor of marijuana does not by itself justify search of a vehicle.

Sanchez v. Sanchez, No. 04-303248-6 (2006): Won 100% custody of both children, award of all property and the family business to client, domestic violence protection order for client.

In re Parentage of A.G., No. 98-500822-0 (2006): Obtained 100% child custody, child support, and domestic violence protection order for client.

State v. Leuluaialii, 118 Wn. App.780, 77 P.3d 1192 (2004): DNA finding overturned because State’s claim of a canine DNA match required a Frye hearing.

State v. Harrison, 148 Wn.2d 550, 61 P.3d 1104 (2003): Sentence reversed because State broke its plea agreement.

State v. Brask, RALJ Appeal No. 04-1-14993-9 (2005): Won new trial.

Hult, LeGault & Bachman v. Russell, Court of Appeals No. 23291-III (2005): Successfully defended appeal and enforced oral real estate contract

State v. Kull,155 Wn.2d 80, 118 P.3d 307 (2005): Conviction reversed because police entry into apartment without resident’s permission, or suspicion of criminal activity or officer safety concern violates privacy provision of Washington Constitution )

State v. Rankin, 151 Wn.2d 689, 92 P.3d 202 (2004): Reversing conviction because requesting identification from a vehicle passenger without reasonable suspicion of criminal activity violates privacy provision of Washington Constitution.

State v. Whitfield, 99 Wn. App. 331, 994 P.2d 222 (1999): Successfully defended exceptional sentence below the standard range because victim provoked attack.

State v. Rulan C., 97 Wn. App. 884, 970 P.2d 821 (1999): Reversed cavity search of a child during drug bust as unreasonable.

State v. Almanza-Guzman, 94 Wn. App. 563, 972 P.2d 468 (1999): Police stopped client for questioning only because he spoke Spanish, conviction reversed.